Space Race vs. Other Classrooms and Schools

Space Races are fun, engaging activities that foster friendly competition in the classroom. But why limit it to just your classroom?

How about:

A Space Race against other classes within your school?

A Space Race against classes in the US?

A Space race against classes all over the world?

It’s quite simple! Here’s how:

  1. Identify your competition and pick a date and time for the showdown.
    Tip: Find other teachers within your PLN to Race.
  2. Co-construct an assessment and create it in Socrative.
    Tip: Enable sharing so each teacher can also import a copy using a SOC#.
  3. Choose a screen sharing site.
    Tip: Google Hangouts and Skype work great!
  4. Login in to your Socrative Account and the screen sharing site.
  5. Share your Socrative room number and screen sharing link.
    Tip: All classrooms can now view your Socrative screen in their own schools!
  6. Have classrooms login in with 1 or more devices.
    Tip: 20 possible rockets across all classrooms.
  7. Select ‘Space Race’, ‘Quiz’ and the number of teams.
    Tip: Choose a time limit if you want the furthest to win and not the fastest.
  8. GO!
    Tip: Take a final screenshot, post it to Twitter, email the report to your colleagues, and/or project it live on the screen!
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