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Week 1 Activity – Help Students Learn About Their School

There are always lots of new things to remember at the start of a new school year – changes in classrooms, in rules, in school staff. Both teachers and students need to get familiar with these changes fast.

To help students get familiar with what’s new, consider starting the year with a multiple choice Socrative quiz consisting of questions such as:

  1. Who is (insert picture of new staff member or school leader)?
  2. Where is the new science room?
  3. Who do you ask about your technology questions?
  4. Where do you find the lunch schedule?
  5. Who is (insert a picture of the maintenance person)?
  6. What is our policy on X?

If you run the activity as a Teacher Paced Quiz you can monitor the student responses, project them for all, and correct any misconceptions. Don’t be surprised if the activity triggers lots of questions!

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