Exit Tickets – Check-in on the Way Out

The precious minutes of class are quickly ticking away and, as always, you have another class directly afterwards. Looking for an efficient way to gather end of class feedback and have it organized for you? Exit Tickets are your solution!

An Exit Ticket is a quick check exercise that takes place in the last five minutes of your class. With Socrative, you can take advantage of our Exit Ticket template, or design your own Exit Ticket activity prior to class.  Either way, you won’t end up with a pile of uncorrected paper slips that stare at you all afternoon. You’ll get a report that you can use to tailor that night’s homework assignment or clear up a misconception. So what can you capture?

Exit Tickets provide you an opportunity to take a snapshot of students’:

  • current understanding of key concepts:
  • feelings about their understanding, i.e. critical evaluation of their own learning;
  • lingering questions;
  • preference for methods of content delivery, eg group discovery, videos, teacher led presentation;
  • requests for support exercises;
  • attitude towards class.
What does our Template Capture? – 3 questions
  1. How well did you understand today’s material? (Multiple Choice)
  2. What did you learn today? (Open Response)
  3. Please answer your teacher’s question (Your opportunity to ask and capture any question you’d like)
Want to Design Your Own Exit Ticket Template?

If you want to make your own Exit Ticket template just design it as a Quiz and save it as an Exit Ticket. How?

  1. Log in to Socrative → Click ‘Manage Quiz’ → ‘Create Quiz
  2. Name the quiz (e.g. Exit Ticket – History)
  3. Design your Template
  4. Save

The quiz will now be available on your Teacher Dashboard under Start Quiz or My Quizzes. Execute it as frequently as you’d like as a Student Paced or Teacher Paced activity.

What Next?
  • Adjust your following day’s lesson
  • Form study groups
  • Differentiate homework assignments
  • Design a new Entrance Ticket

These are a just a few ways to use the data to support your progress towards increased student understanding. With Socrative, all your students’ information will be gathered and presented to you in easy to interpret and understand formats.

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