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Sharalike – Capture and Share Classroom Moments

It’s nearly summer and now is the perfect time to capture those final moments of your school year: field trips, student presentations, field days, recitals, etc.

Our friends at sharalike have built an awesome photo sharing app! They’re the next generation of online slideshow creation — designed as a free, fun and simple way to make sure no memory is forgotten.

What’s their recipe?  A heaping teaspoon of time savings – instantly upload your pictures to sharalike from any device or computer (don’t organize them in advance, sharalike will help you). A few handfuls of organizational genius – sharalike automatically groups and chooses the best of all of your shots. And a pinch of fun. Voila – simply press the button ‘smartshow’, and in seconds you have your own personalized slideshow to share!

Now share that with your students and families and enjoyment (not to mention a bunch of compliments!) is guaranteed for all!  Have a broad audience to share with? Smartshows are created to be easily shared via email and social media and, what’s more, viewers are able to save individual pictures that they like from the show.  Sign up for your free account today, and enjoy your the end of the year! Take lots of pictures and they’ll do the rest (while you get some much deserved rest!).

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